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Our offices

Probus has offices all around the world in Geneva, Dubai and Bangkok.

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Probus Compagnie S.A. was founded in Geneva by Georges de Preux to address the asset management needs of private and institutional clients. Since 1984, our clients have been benefiting from our combined expertise as well as global outlook and reach, and been offered a comprehensive spectrum of solutions, including financial planning, portfolio management, investment advice, trust services and estate planning. Probus Compagnie S.A. is a member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM), regulated in Switzerland by the AOOS, a self-regulatory body authorised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA, and is also affiliated to OFS, an independent mediation body ( 


Georges de Preux, Chairman

Georges is Probus’ Chairman and founder. After 30 years spent diligently serving his clients as well as leading and expanding Probus, he remains one of our Group’s primary shareholders, actively involved in its management and strategic planning.  Georges is a member of the Executive Management Committee.

Kim Muller, Partner

Kim joined Probus in 2002. As group CIO, he oversees our investment strategy and asset management policy. His team comprises equity, fixed income, derivatives and capital market analysts. Since 2012, Kim has been assuming the function of CFO of Probus Middle East Limited.


Marco Berni, Partner

Prior to joining Probus in 2009, Marco had spent 23 years in the wealth management industry in Switzerland and Monaco. Marco now assumes the function of group Chief Operating Officer.



Probus opened its Dubai office in 2012 to address its local and international clients’ needs and offer the Group's broad spectrum of asset management services from the Dubai International Financial Center. Probus Middle East Limited also acts as investment manager for some of the Group’s investment funds. Probus Middle East Limited is licensed and regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority.


Bernard Bonvin, Managing Partner

Bernard is a senior partner of Probus Group, one of the group’s primary shareholders and Managing Partner of our Dubai UAE office.  He joined Probus in 1987, three years after its inception.  Since then, Bernard has been leading and co-leading Probus’ strategic development. Bernard holds a Swiss Financial Analyst diploma and a Law degree from the University of Geneva.  

Eric Rochedieu, Senior Asset Manager

Eric is a senior asset manager at our Dubai office. He has been with the Group since 1993 and has over 40 years of experience in the financial industry. Prior to joining Probus, Eric had spent 19 years of his career at Swiss Bank Corp. in Geneva, where he held senior executive positions and advised multinationals and high net worth individuals.

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Rascacielos en Bangkok


Probus and its Asia-based partners established a presence in Bangkok in 2009.


Marc Lavoie, Partner

Marc is a co-founder and investment manager of the Mekong Fund, which commenced operations in 2011. Marc has extensive experience in listed and private equity investing and trading in South East Asia and also holds a degree in International Relations and a Masters in International Management.

Andrew Ranken

Andrew looks after our investment operations in East Asia and the Pacific and is a co-founder and investment manager of the Mekong Fund, which commenced operations in 2011 and the ASEAN Equity Fund, which commenced operations in 2018.



Probus Invest is an advisory services company based in Moscow providing financial analysis across all asset classes on Russian and CIS markets.

Probus Invest's team is composed of 4 Russian speakers with a unique combination of experiences and competences. Their track record dates back as far as 1985, when they developed industrial plants in the Soviet Union and Bulgaria, before launching in 1994 their first Russian Equities Fund. The team boasts 22 years of track record on the Russian and CIS stock and bond markets.


Alexandre Starinsky, Head of Research

Alexandre is Head of Research on Russian and CIS markets. He holds a MSc in Physics from Université Paris VI, a MA in Economics & Finance and is a postgraduate in Post Soviet Studies from Sciences Po Paris. He has worked in Russia and Ukraine since 1993, first as financial controller with Alcatel in a cable manufacturing joint venture, then as entrepreneur in Ukraine and Russia. He joined the Group in 2006.

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