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Financial & Estate Planning

Solutions for succession and cross-border planning

We offer a wide range of services, covering all aspects of estate planning such as the

establishment of corporate and fiduciary vehicles, assistance in establishing residency in a new jurisdiction, and, in close collaboration with our clients' professional advisers, tax planning and the resolution of legal issues.


Our dedicated teams of specialists located in key jurisdictions across the globe are able to establish and administer the required structures including trusts, foundations, managed companies and private trust companies to securely hold a variety of assets.


These entities are typically designed to meet a wide spectrum of requirements, including

provision for future generations, tax optimisation and the achievement of philanthropic goals.


Our proactive approach allows us to anticipate changes in circumstances, ensuring each solution

remains relevant and optimal for the purposes for which it was established.

Redomiciliation Services - Moving Abroad

Through the Probus network of offices and in collaboration with partners in other jurisdictions, we

provide redomiciliation services as part of our wealth structuring and estate planning proposition.


Wealthy individuals and their families are often moving around the planet for work and for lifestyle

reasons. Tax is also an important motivating factor. Jurisdictions such as Monaco and Switzerland

are commonly known to attract international families.


With our presence in key jurisdictions across the group, we can assist with the decision-making

process and accompany our clients through the administrative spiderweb for the following

jurisdictions that have favourable tax regimes (under certain circumstances) : Switzerland,

Monaco, Mauritius, Italy, Portugal, UK, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malta and

Panama, to name some of the most popular.


The sale of a business, a large inheritance or political instability and insecurity are just a few

reasons why a wealthy individual might wish to move his principal place of residency. In some

cases this can also create other opportunities as the new country of residence may free us up

from regulatory or cross-border restrictions that may previously have hindered the provision of

financial services. 

Redomiciliation will involve several stages

An initial discussion :

Taking into account your overall objectives we will assist with your preliminary reflections to

ensure that the choice of jurisdiction corresponds to your way of life and that of your family.

Our network of experts can help answer your questions, target your requirements and

expectations, and advise you appropriately. 

Defining a strategy :

In collaboration with our local partners, we can guide you through the decision-making process

and coordinate the appropriate resources to achieve your goals.

Implementation and regular monitoring :

Our experience alongside the expertise of dedicated professionals including lawyers, tax advisors

and real estate agentswill help achieve a successful outcome.

How Probus Can Help 

The Probus group can coordinate the legal and tax formalities, to help facilitate the

redomiciliation, in conjunction with professional partners in the destination jurisdiction and country

of departure. 

Through its asset management and wealth structuring arms, Probus will help optimise the holding

and management of financial assets, and estate and succession planning needs, to ensure

investments are appropriately positioned for the new country of residence. 

For further information and specific country fact sheets, please contact us at

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