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Economic growth is set to decelerate more markedly starting at the end of Q1 2022. The combination of tighter monetary and fiscal policies, normalized consumer savings, negative real wage growth and high prices suggest weaker demand for goods and slowing manufacturing activity, which is unlikely to be compensated for by higher services spending. Lower goods demand should also start weighing on prices and help moderate inflationary pressures. Europe appears to be in a particularly precarious situation for the next few months, given the ongoing energy crisis combined with new restrictive measures on the back of the virus.

Fed tightening and slowing growth will deteriorate financial conditions, creating an environment where high quality and defensive companies should be the focus of investors. The reflation trade, which favored cyclical companies, is unlikely to re-emerge in the coming months. With profit growth decelerating sharply in 2022, albeit to a still comfortably positive rate, valuations might become more of an issue, especially in the US and EU where they remain above recent averages. Japan and China have a larger margin of safety in this regard. Continue Reading

Probus Group was founded in 1984 in Geneva as a Swiss independent asset manager and multi-family office. Being one of the early members of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers, it has been represented on its board for a period of ten years. The group has since developed a global presence, with offices in Geneva, Dubai, Monaco, Bangkok, Luxembourg and Moscow. It currently manages in excess of USD 2bn of private and institutional capital, including several collective investments.

Probus® consists of a diverse yet cohesive team of seasoned professionals, active in investment management and advisory, research, asset structuring and family office services.​

Entities within the group provide services that successfully integrate asset management with legal and tax advice, as well as accounting and consolidation.

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