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IGNI SICAV - Saisei Japan Opportunities Fund
2010 Law Part II UCI

For qualified investors use only

Closed* - Please find the Probus Investment Fund UCITS - Saisei Japan Equity here

* Please note that the Board of “Probus Investment Fund UCITS” (the “Receiving Fund”) has decided, with an effective date as of 1st December 2017 (the “Date of the Merger”), to merge by way of absorption (the “Merger”) the sub-fund “IGNI – Saisei Japan Opportunities Fund” (the “Merging Sub-Fund”) into the sub-fund “Probus Investment Fund UCITS – Saisei Japan Equity” (the “Receiving Sub-Fund”). The assets and liabilities of the Merging Sub-Fund has been transferred to the Receiving Sub-Fund on the Date of the Merger.

The Merger has led to the dissolution of the Merging Sub-Fund on the Date of the Merger. The Merging Sub-Fund has existed under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, subject to Part II of the law dated December 17, 2010 on Undertakings for Collective Investment (the “2010 Law”).

Investment policy

The IGNI SAISEI JAPAN OPPORTUNITIES Fund is a long-only open-ended fund incorporated in Luxembourg. Its objective is to carry out long-term investments and generate capital gains. The Fund seeks returns on an absolute basis in Japanese equities listed exclusively in Japan.

The approach is both thematic and bottom-up, with high conviction selection with between 35 and 40 names in the portfolio. It is benchmark and sector agnostic. The Fund offers great flexibility among market caps in which it has no limits, although it tries to keep a certain balance to capture market directions.


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