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 The global economy has staged a significant rebound since the nadir of the crisis back in Q2. A potent combination of extreme monetary and fiscal stimulus helped avoid a disastrous scenario and there are no signs that these measures will be withdrawn for the foreseeable future. The Fed has gone as far as officially adjusting its mandate in order to justify maintaining rates at the zero bound irrespective of growth and inflation dynamics; other central banks are likely to follow.

The continued commitment to debase fiat currencies in the hope to stoke inflation and erode record debt levels speaks in favor of holding a sizable allocation in gold. Developed market bonds have never looked more unappealing with USD yields now close to zero and investors...

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Probus Group was founded in 1984 in Geneva as a Swiss independent asset manager and multi-family office. Being one of the early members of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers, it has been represented on its board for a period of ten years. The group has since developed a global presence, with offices in Geneva, Dubai, Monaco, Bangkok, Luxembourg and Moscow. It currently manages in excess of USD 2bn of private and institutional capital, including several collective investments.

Probus® consists of a diverse yet cohesive team of seasoned professionals, active in investment management and advisory, research, asset structuring and family office services.​

Entities within the group provide services that successfully integrate asset management with legal and tax advice, as well as accounting and consolidation.



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